Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off to a great start!

Even with Gustav on everyone's mind, the amount of people that came out tonight was overwhelming. Not only did people come out to sign, but to pick up packets to collect signatures door to door. More volunteers are still needed as we have a lot of ground to cover.

Thank you all for making tonight a huge success. We will be at the Lakefront Gazebo from 10-2 on Saturday. We have plenty of time to collect signatures, so please all be safe and let's hope the storm misses us.


mandevillite said...

Give it a break. Easy to throw stones, but are you willing to take on thankless job for less than 6 figures. If so, why didn't you run against him? If not, quite bitchen about something you aren't even willing to do. It's called "public service." Look at where he lives - you really think he is making money on this deal - quite listening to ChXXX - she's a yankee just stirring up crap for her own benefit.

Jim said...

Unfortunately, my son's open house was tonight. Mandivillite needs to take vallium and support us when he calms down. Public service does not mean to dip from the public trough.

We paid for his lunches. Don't pay for his lawyers.

Grenadethrwr said...

Cudos to all RECALL petitioners. It is time to get Eddie Price out of office. When he goes, Buell the Police Chief will go, and so will Cressy the city attorney. Many other "Toties" and council people need to go including Lenfant and Coogan. Integrity, honor, and Dignity as well as plain old COMPETENCE needs to be brought back to the City of Mandeville. It is time to CLEAN house. Good job CITIZENS for your RECALL initiative!

Concerned Citizens of Mandeville said...

Mandevillite, facts are facts.